Zion is a Sydney based Digital Designer specializing in designing digital product for startups to bring their idea to life. 


Sometime your dream may need some help.


Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. As a designer & entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of building a startup product from idea to design to finally launch to market. I enjoy working with people who are passionate to do something different and solve problems together with creativity to achieve the best results.

With over 15 years experience working in design industry, I like to utilise a broad skill-set to bring projects to life. My work is defined by bold conceptual simplicity throughout brands or digital products.

I have been lucky enough to work with talented teams, allowed me to proudly win The Best Design Awards, Sydney Design Awards and AGDA Design Awards.


Design Process


1. Define

Start by identifying the problems we’re solving, what we want to achieve and how we will measure success.

2. Explore

Then we explore solutions through wireframes, concepts and test prototypes for user feedback.

3. Design

By blending insight and creative expression, we craft beautiful design across different types of media for your product.

4. Develop

Implement the final design into code and carefully test the product across a range of platforms and devices.

5. Launch

There is always room for improvement. Launch and refine your product users love.


All-in-one digital design solution


As a Digital-First Designer, my service ranges from consultancy to product implementation that communicates your startup dream and creates seamless experience in digital world. 



— User Experience Design
— Web Design & Development
— Design system
— Mobile App Design & Development
— Social Media Campaign
— EDM Design


— Logo and Identity
— Brand Guideline
— Brand Collaterals
— Illustration
— Art Direction


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